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August 2009



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Aug. 12th, 2009



I made it to the gym this morning.


Was there and ready to go at 5:30 AM

Could have been there earlier if I had more of my sshhhhtuff together.

I've started eating HUGE salads mostly consiting of spinach, broccoli and carrots.

Anitshay on Youtube has inspired me tons, but I dont think I could be quite like her and convert to Raw Food Vegan

I like my cooked things and meat too much D8

But to be honest, during the week, my diet is almost 90% vegetarian.

I think I've had meat....uhh,  twice? in the last week.

For protien I've been eating soy, eggs, nuts and dairy products. blah blah blah.

Well, lets just see if I can turn this small victory into a habit.

Aug. 1st, 2009


Weigh in #1



Jul. 31st, 2009




Ultimately, I tottally failed at getting this thing started.

Like many other times I've tried to do WAY more things then humanly possible.


Despite what coorperate America likes to think. It is impossible for anyone to wake up one day and change everything about themselves to make themseleves healthier.

So lets try to do this again.

As for progress, I HAVE improved my eating habits a bit. Stopped eating insane portions and switched to more non-processed foods. Tottally non-processed is the ultimate goal as far as eating right now, but that's pretty hard to achieve.

I also invested in a little game called My Weight Loss Coach for the Nintendo DS which is adorable. I love it already!

I have been trying for weeks now to get into the gym an hour before I have to go to work, but acts of god, like late night movie showings and heat waves have prevented me so far.

Next week I wont give up!!

I think the only thing else I can say is: An investment in a blender is one you wont regret. Yogurt Smoothies for breakfast? Hell YES!

Mar. 10th, 2009


"That's Obese"

Wii Fit is very, very fun.

I am very amused with it cheerfully calling me Obese all the time. ( I guess Nintendo got in trouble for that though, parents didnt appreciate a game calling thier kids 'fat' ). Any way, it will be extremely satisfying to step on it one day and have it say something different.

My Roomate and Best Friend got it for me for Christmas, and the 10 minute Hula-Hoop Cardio is enough to kill anyone.

I made it to the gym today. It was very crowded thought, so I couldnt find a good 'out of the way' place to lift my weights. I only did two sets instead of three. And resorted to using the machines instead of freeweights for other things.

Which is why I got on the Wii Fit at home later, for a half hour.

When it comes down to it. You just have to MOVE. Typically people spend all day sitting at their jobs. Just GET UP.
Clean the house, walk around the block. Anything.

My house really needs some cleaning. I did a little today, but I'll probably do more tomorrow.

I discovered, that when doing things like squats, I need to see myself in a gym mirror. I couldnt get to a mirror today and half of my squats were done wrong, I've probably hurt myself.

Mar. 9th, 2009



Have STILL not made it to the gym.

I've had some stressful situations. This whole recession thing is stressing me out, badly.

Sleep-deprivation, Stress, lack of excercise,

These are all bad habits of mine.

Stress especially because I'm a stress-eater.

Definately got to get it together tomorrow.

Mar. 8th, 2009



I havent excercised since my last post. That's very gross.

Unfortunately it's hard to excercise with a full plate of stuff to do.

I will go to the gym today and will take the first pictures of myself somehow, even though my camera is dead.

How do you people find ways to excercise when you're busy?

Mar. 5th, 2009


First Post


Thanks for looking at my journal.

This is the first post of a very long journey.

I am 20 years old. And I'll admit I'm 230 pounds. ( Yikes )

I've recently joined a gym in order to start bettering myself. But I really wanted to so something more. I hope this Journal/Blog will not only help me stick with it, but will also help lots of other people.

About Me:
In 2007 I was down to an astonishing 160 pounds after two years of hard work losing weight from where I am about now. Unfornately 2008 was filled with nothing but family emergencies and the stress turned me into a potato.

I have finnally snapped out of my gloom, but am, as you can tell back to where I started.

Feel free to friend this account and follow me along if you like.